Wednesday, August 7, 2013

A Long Road

It's been a long road, getting from there to here. The last month has been remarkably hard. I completely lost track of the month of July, and simply can't account for my weekends or free time outside of work. I've found (I think) the key players on our team, and found (unfortunately) the dead weight.

The last two weeks of problems have been caused by the dead weight.

I struggle with how to correct this guys' action. He simply does NOT seem capable of doing the right things (for example, extract and run version X.Y of the product). He instead runs version (Y.X), or takes it upon himself to "work around" a problem in the completely wrong way.

We've lost a significant portion of our US team to layoffs or attrition. This will continue. I'm not sure if I'm better-off here, or back in the US. Either way, I just submitted my resume onto a cute, "boutique" talent matching site called White Truffle. DJ (we're still together, aww!) and I are both curious to know what will come of it.

I can speak a little Chinese! I can order in restaurants now, but am now encountering a new problem: I can start a conversation, but am (in most cases) unable to finish it. :-)

So that's it... it's 4:32AM, I've been awake since 7:30AM yesterday, and worked for most of the day (and night) trying to pick up the slack / assemble the team into something useful. This is about to get messy, and I'm about to experience a massive downsizing action from the inside. It won't be pretty.

On a brighter note, the company is flying me back to the US in November for Out & Equal! DJ and I are joking about whether we should go the conference as a couple.

I miss the early feeling of the blog, and the sense of discovery. It's my hope that I can rekindle that here, or on my "other" blog, somehow, without pissing off my few remaining friends.

Time for sleep. I apologize in advance for the poor grammar, lack of cohesion, and general rambling nature of this post.

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  1. hey man, I'm in Austin this weekend, thought I'd say hey. get some rest and good luck with the work force. dan